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This book contains70 short storiesfrom 10 classic, prize-winning and noteworthy authors. The stories were carefully selected by the criticAugust Nemo, in a collection that will please theliterature lovers.For more exciting titles, be sure to check out our 7 Best Short Stories and Essential Novelists collections.This book contains:W. C. Morrow:- His Unconquerable Enemy.- A Game Of Honor.- The Resurrection Of Little Wang Tai.- Two Singular Men.- The Faithful Amulet.- Over An Absinthe Bottle.- The Hero Of The Plague.Wilhelm Hauff:- The Severed Hand.- The Cold Heart.- The Little Glass Man.- The Story Of The Caliph Stork.- The Story Of Little Muck.- Nose, The Dwarf.- How The Stories Were Found.Rabindranath Tagore:- The Cabuliwallah.- The Home-Coming.- Onde There Was A King.- The Child's Return.- Master Mashai.- Subha.- The Postmaster.Owen Wister:- The Jimmyjohn Boss.- A Kinsman of Red Cloud.- Sharon's Choice.- Napoleon Shave-Tail.- Twenty Minutes for Refreshments.- The Promised Land.- Hank's Woman.Neith Boyce:- Two Women.- Sophia.- Molly.- The Blue Hood.- Love in a Dutch Garden.- Navidad.- The Mother.Mary Roberts Rinehart:- Affinities.- The Family Friend.- Clara's Little Escapade.- The Borrowed House.- Sauce For The Gander.- Twenty-Two.- Jane.John Fox Jr:- On Hell-Fer-Sartain Creek.- Through The Gap.- A Trick O' Trade.- Grayson's Baby.- Courtin' On Cutshin.- The Message In The Sand.- The Senator's Last Trade.Harvey Jerrold O'Higgins:- Silent Sam.- His Mother.- In The Matter Of Art.- Tammany's Tithes.- The Devil's Doings.- The Hired Man.- Larkin.E. Pauline Johnson:- The Shagganappi.- A Red Girl's Reasoning.- The King's Coin.- The Derelict.- Little Wolf-Willow.- Her Majesty's Guest.- The Brotherhood.Anthony Hope:- The Adventure of Lady Ursula.- AspirationsExplanations.- A Cut and a Kiss.- Promising.- Imagination.- Uncle John and the Rubies.- Lucifera.