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Gospel of the End of the World

Gospel of the End of the World


Fabio dos Santos is a highly awarded poet and writer in Brazil. Master in Sociology by the Graduate Program in Sociology at the Federal University of Alagoas, he is a researcher in several areas of human knowledge, especially in public security, urban sociology, literature, linguistics, green economics, human ecology, etc. With more than 15 published physical books and in ebook mode, comes with this new work that portrays a moment of transformation in the life of a pseudo prophet Kaliphas who has in his friend Panemonas, the birth of a deadly fanaticism capable of influencing economic society. As a kind of reverse gospel, people are charmed by eschatological predictions in times before the pandemic. This work ends up being a premonition of everything that is happening in the world today, because before the incidence of the coronavirus, Kaliphas had already predicted the woes of the current world. The Gospel at the End of the World has a footprint that requires the reader to never give up hope.