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Real Love or Fake

Real Love or Fake


Handsome, athletic and pursued by women wherever he goes, it’s hardly surprising that the Marquis of Kyneston succumbs to the temptation of a married beauty called Daphne Burton. Finding that she intends to entrap and blackmail him, he decides he must escape London Society – heading in his yacht for The Hague in search of great Dutch art to complete his picture gallery. In the meantime, someone else is also destined for the Dutch city. Beautiful young Lela Lawson is mourning her mother’s death when her stepfather Sir Robert sends for her. Arriving at the family estate, she is appalled to find he has arranged for her to marry a wealthy, much older and extremely unpleasant man whom she hardly knows, let alone loves.Lela and her beloved Nanny flee to Holland to throw themselves on the mercy of her ailing aunt, the Barones van Alnrardt.And soon, in The Hague’s Mauritshuis, Fate strikes when an art agent stops to admire Lela’smasterful copy of Vermeer’s ‘Head of a Young Girl’ and suggests to Lela a terrifying course of action – to defraud the famously handsome Marquis of Kyneston!