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Welcome to the 3 Books To Know series, our idea is to help readers learn about fascinating topics through three essential and relevant books. These carefully selected works can be fiction, non-fiction, historical documents or even biographies. We will always select for you three great works to instigate your mind, this time the topic is: Werewolves. In folklore, a werewolf is a human with the ability to shapeshift into a wolf-like creature, after a curse. Belief in werewolves developed in parallel to the belief in witches, in the course of the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. The Book of Were-Wolves reports of actual cases of alleged lycanthropy. Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould does a investigative work and bringing us real incident tied to the werewolf myth. Clemence Housman innovates in the book The Were-Wolf by bringing a woman protagonist and a sensual werewolf. About it, H. P. Lovecraft said: "attains a high degree of gruesome tension and achieves some extent the atmosphere of authentic folklore" French writer Alexandre Dumas wrote The Wolf-Leader based on the legends he heard as a child. Dumas tells the story of a man who makes a pact with the devil and is cursed with lycanthropy. Cursed, monstrous, or sensual, or one of the authors brings us his vision of this ancient myth. A book to read in a full moon night (if you dare). This is one of many books in the series 3 Books To Know. If you liked this book, look for the other titles in the series, we are sure you will like some of the topics.