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Welcome to the book series 7 best short stories specials, selection dedicated to a special subject, featuring works by noteworthy authors. The texts were chosen based on their relevance, renown and interest. This edition is dedicated to Science Fiction.Science fiction, whose roots go back to ancient times, is related to fantasy, horror, and superhero fiction, and includes many subgenres. Science fiction have become popular and influential over much of the world. Besides providing entertainment, it can also criticize present-day society, and is often said to generate a sense of wonder. Enjoy these seven classic science fiction short stories selected by the critic August Nemo: - A Thousand Deaths by Jack London.- A Martian Odyssey by Stanley G. Weinbaum.- Parasite Planet by Stanley G. Weinbaum.- The Jameson Satellite, by Neil Ronald Jones.- The Sandman by E. T. A. Hoffmann.- To Whom This May Come by Edward Bellamy.- Rappacini's Daughter by Nathaniel Hawthorne