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Corporate Travel

Corporate Travel


Published in English and Portuguese, the objective of this study was to identify possible trends for the corporate travel sector in Brazil for the year 2030. This is an exploratory qualitative research, in which, using the Delphi method, two rounds of questions were carried out, with the participation of 41 experts in the first round and 34 in the second. When examining the results, the following points stood out as most relevant to the participants, separated into 4 categories: (i) Opportunities (Anywhere Office; Personalized Service in the Post-Pandemic; Technology; Events Market); (ii) Threats (New Health Crises; Lack of Public/Private Investment and Qualification in the Sector; Increase in Prices of Products and Services; Post-Pandemic Travel Restrictions); (iii) Post-Pandemic Sector Resumption (forecast of sector sales resumption to 2019 levels by 2024; increase in remote work due to technological advances; gradual recovery and with sectoral specificities; advancement and greater adequacy of health protocols); and (iv) Attractiveness Factors (Bleisure and Duty of Care). Aiming to guide organizations in making strategic decisions for the sector in the coming years, the research generated a series of perspectives for the sector at a national level. Through detailed testimonies, it is hoped that this study will help leaders in the area in their moments of uncertainty, providing greater predictability and adaptation to successive market transformations.