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Disorders of the Brain

Disorders of the Brain


Discover Everything You Need to Know About Common Mental Illnesses – Including How to Help Yourself, Or Others, Cope With the Associated Problems & Symptoms!In the pages of this concise and comprehensive e-book, you will also find many remedies to help you support people suffering from these conditions.Here's just a little of what you'll learn:What mental illness really is – we all experience stress, trauma and drama in our lives, find out here why some people are able to handle it well and others are not!Common Triggers of Mental Illness – and How to Avoid Them!The three most common mental health cognitive disorders – find out what these conditions have in common and how they differ here!Common physical conditions that can cause the onset of dementia – plus why people who suffer from dementia also tend to exhibit these two negative traits… what you learn here may surprise you!6 Common “Root” Causes of Mental Illness – Learn to Identify These Causes and Determine If You or a Loved One Is at Risk for Developing a Mental Illness!What you should ask a mental health specialist – researching your symptoms and knowing what to ask a mental health specialist will go a long way in avoiding a misdiagnosis!7 Common Symptoms of Mental Illness – Find Out Exactly What Mental Health Professionals Look For When Diagnosing Whether a Person Has a Mental Illness or Not!14 Common Mental Illnesses – Along With Their Causes, Symptoms and Treatments!And much, much more! 'Disorders of the Brain: A Guide to Mental Illness'.This e-book is designed to serve as your guide to various mental illnesses and to help you understand the various diagnoses and mental health issues that are common today.You see, good mental health is essential for everyday life.And while most people are able to go through life without flaws in their mental process, others seem to have constant interruptions.It is these interruptions that show us that there is something wrong with these individuals' brains and that there is an existing problem.“Disorders of the Brain” will show you how to recognize these flaws in yourself and others and explain what you can do to make things better.