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Born in the state of Alagoas, Martha Medeiros experimented severaldifferent life paths before she became known as the designer who broughttraditional Brazilian lacework to the haute couture universe. She workedas a craft seller, fair marketer, bank clerk and even as a street peddlerbefore having her creations paraded by world-class celebrities such asSofía Vergara and Beyoncé, and by the local stars Ivete Sangalo and Xuxa.Medeiros always believed fame would smile at her one day, even as shedecided to work with a material that used to be relegated to street bazaarstands and for tablecloth usage. And success did come eventually, thanksto the talent and the hard work by this Northeastern woman who couldnot count on big-shot relatives or a large bank account balance. This isa story of entrepreneurship, social inclusion and glamour, weaved by theexperienced hands of traditional lace makers and by a designer who cameup with a quintessentially Brazilian international fashion label.