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I beat Depression

I beat Depression


Eunice Higuchi, a successful doctor, was a married mother of four beautiful children when she became depressed and saw her world collapse. A series of events struck her family and ended up ruining her emotional health. Eunice found herself at rock bottom. In search of a way out, she spent a lot of money, and her depressive condition got worse when a tragic event happened — her psychiatrist committed suicide. What do you do when the only person who can help you loses the fight against your greatest enemy? She knew that her illness had no cure, but she also knew that couldn't remain in such a state. Eunice sought a way out in religion and ventured into the most different beliefs and religious rituals. However, it was in the most unlikely place that she accidentally found the answer she was looking for. Immerse yourself in the story of a woman whose life was destroyed by the "evil of the century" and who from ashes, managed to rise again. Get to know the lessons she learnt, her experiences, and the steps Eunice Higuchi took in her fight to overcome depression.