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Iridology and Genetics

Iridology and Genetics


The development of this book is based on exploitation search that reports Genetic and the standard psychical from Rayid method.
The objective of the present search is to confirm that through the “Genetic Laws” is possible the standard psychical pass from generation to generation being genetically transmited.
On this exploitations search we used a image capture technique from 73 individuals and their iris, for the follow analysis, as said by the Rayid method.
Having the knowledge of the individuals phenotype, also using the Rayid method analyzing under the biotypes Current, Jewl, Shaker and Flower , established a relation with the genotype and like that was possible to observe that the standard psychical were transmit through an monogenic autosome legacy with dominant relation (multiply alleles). So, perceived with 100% of comprobation the genetic legacy in this sample participant on this exploitation search.