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Rosary for the children

Rosary for the children


Every mother goes through, throughout her life, moments that resemble the Mysteries of the Rosary: ​​joys, sorrows, victories, challenges... And, just like Mary, all mother wants to intercede without ceasing for her child. With the Rosary for Children, mothers now have a powerful prayer at your disposal, so that you can sam – individually or in community – direct their prayers to God meditating on the Joyful Mysteries, Dolorous rosy, Glorious and Luminous. The great news of this Rosary is that, in addition to contemplate the events of the History of Salvation, there are small reflections directed especially mainly to the mother's daily life. Thus, mothers will find, here, a reflection of many of his struggles and concerns: the wear and tear of your strengths in carrying out your responsibilities at home, the zeal for the salvation of the souls of their children, the pursuit by ever more faithful imitation of Jesus and Mary, in short, everything that is in the essence of what it means to be a mother who prays for her children.