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Single Parenting's Guide

Single Parenting's Guide


You are also growing and changing throughout this process. You will realize it, your kids will know and see it, as will others. This is another change you and everyone around you have to deal with as well, on top of everything else. You might also feel anxious, lonely, and angry or evoke these emotions in your child/family.Again this is quite normal and natural behavior. 'Seeing things from the child's point of view This is not only all about you either. Try and see things thought the eyes of your child sometime and whole new worlds of understanding and possibilities will open for you. 'A new path and survival plan for single parents - rewards and challengesWe have spoken a lot in theory about what happens to you when faced with these situations.Now we get to the more practical WHAT DO I DO NOW, NEXT, IN MY CASE TYPE OF QUESTIONS? 'SETTLING IN AS INDIVIDUALS AND A NEW FAMILY UNIT