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PLANET EARTH IS STILL NOT DEPLETED. BECAUSE MOTHER NATURE DOESN`T GET TIRED OF DONATING ITSELF. I received an honorable task: to make the presentation of this charming book that, in a joyful and pleasant way, makes us reflect on what we are actually doing to our planet. Great to read, the Wishful PET and the Recycling shows the care and concern we must have for the preservation of the environment and its natural resources, a relevant and timely subject that needs to be present in our day-to-day actions. All this, following a playful and interactive approach, emphasizing the importance of recycling. The Wishful PET emerged during the Secrets of the Library Project (Projeto Segredos da Biblioteca), held at a private school on the north coast of São Paulo. In the course of the project, the students` involvement with the theme grew gradually, which, made possible, in addition to the implementation of selective garbage collection, the execution of workshops and exhibitions, and the presentation of theatrical plays using reused and recycled materials in the school where the project originated. The Wishful PET and the Recycling is the result of the idea of turning the project into a book for children, which now has come to life. Reading this book, that tells the story of a group of pet bottles, is traveling and participating in two captivating and entangled dreams. The first dream is of a sensitive young woman, and why not say, a dreamer, who loves to write and one day dared to imagine that she could launch a book. The second is of a pet bottle that strongly believes she can be turned into a toy and thus help the planet, and that does not accept having a less noble destiny. I believe in the ideals of the Wishful PET and I hope that you, as the reader, also believe in them, in the hope and certainty that, yes, we can leave a better planet for the next generations.
Teacher Marli Gonçalves da Silva"