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Who Can Deny Love

Who Can Deny Love


Notorious throughout the Beau Monde as something of a Casanova, the dashing and raffish Virgo, Marquis of Fane, cares little for the swooning Society beauties who fall at his feet. His true passion is for his racehorses and for art – and it is love at first sight when he sets eyes on a painting of the Madonna entitled The Virgin of the Lilies. But while investigating the painting’s dubious provenance the Marquis encounters Cyrilla, the shy and beautiful daughter of the artist and is instantly, utterly bewitched.Soon their two hearts beat as one and their love seems Heaven sent.“My darling, you are not only divine and ethereal, but also human,” the Marquis exclaims. “Let me take you away – find a house – we will be alone!”But the Fate that brought them together seems bent on tearing them apart when Cyrilla realises no that matter how deep her love, she cannot do what he asks.